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FEDDEM FSK Strand Die Head

Compact And Easy to Operate

The FEDDEM FSK strand head with optimised strand discharge.

FSK-Series die heads from FEDDEM are compact and easy to operate. The routing of electrical supply lines and cables to the melt sensors are shielded against soiling, which facilitates keeping the head clean. When pulling screws the die head can be swiveled open and stay in place without removing the sensors. The curved shape of the die plate allows to place 25% more die holes in a single-row arrangement while keeping the same hole diameter and hole distance.

The die heads melt channel relaxes the melt flow to the die holes across the entire width of the plate and equalizes the differences in flow speed at the inner and outer holes. Pellet diameters become more uniform. It also reduces the tendency of curling of the outer strands, considerably. Some customers report that it takes only 50% of the time during production start-up to reach stable strand performance compared to start-ups with conventional straight die hole arrangements that show tendencies towards curling. This saves time and reduces start-up waste, considerably.

FEDDEM FSK die heads can be customized to fit to extruders of other brands.




Curved die plate Patent No. EP 2424721


Curved Die Plate

The curved die plate relaxes the melt flow pattern at the outer die nozzles.

The patented FEDDEM curved die plate is employed in special applications (patent No. EP 2424721). While keeping the same die width the number of the die holes can be increased by up to 25 % without changing the hole diameter or the distance between die holes. Normally, a second row of holes is avoided.


Length of melt flow to die nozzles

The curved die plate reduces the difference in flow length to the nozzles in the middle of the plate versus the flow length to the outer nozzles.

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