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Feddem at Fakuma 2023

More than Just Extruders

The machinery builder FEDDEM GmbH & Co. KG is displaying developments in its extrusion and compounding equipment at this year's FAKUMA in Hall A6, Booth 6217.

​​​​​​At its booth, FEDDEM presents the latest version of its proven FED 43 MTS extruder and accessories (see Fig. 1). The exhibit boasts the following features:

  • The FED 43 MTS extruder is now available with up to 157 kW of drive power. The processing length of the displayed extruder is seen in its base length of 32 L/D. There is the option to expand the extruder with attachable extensions in various lengths. In a production environment the transition between 32 L/D and 42 L/D processing length can be completed in about two hours.
  • The latest version of the vacuum-assisted side feeding unit, FSB-V, is now equipped with a viewing window. This allows for direct observation of flow patterns within the device during processing lightweight fillers and expedites adjustments of device parameters for optimisation.

Additionally, conventional FSB side feeding and FSV side vacuum degassing units can be attached to the processing section as required.

In the maintenance sector, the popular double-brush cleaning unit, Type FRE, which is designed for cleaning figure-8-shaped barrel bores, is now available with a modular shaft, allowing for on-site adjustment of the device's length (see Fig. 2).

"In the pursuit of sustainability in compound production, a seamlessly continuous production is quickly recognized as one of the most critical prerequisites for efficient production," says Lars Mansfeld, Team Leader for Assembly & Service at FEDDEM. "To minimise unplanned production stoppages, FEDDEM now offers tiered service packages, ranging from simple wear condition measurements of barrels and screws to tailored maintenance plans specific to the individual line configuration."

The Sinzig-based company also offers LFT pultrusion lines for producing LFT-G pellets (Long Fiber Thermoplastic-Granules). According to their own claims, FEDDEM's equipment excels in terms of performance, quality, and ease of use in conventional short-fibre compounding processes. For instance, alongside unparalleled narrow tolerances of fibre content in the pellets, the repeatability of achievable material properties of the LFT compound is achieved when using various production line sizes at strand speeds of up to 60 m/min.

The use of a patented modular impregnation tool plays a crucial role in this context. "Our extruder for melt preparation is positioned parallel to the roving line, allowing significant space savings in the plant layout (see Fig. 3). FEDDEM pultrusion lines require only slightly more floor space than a conventional compounding line of similar throughput. All maintenance access points for individual line components are designed to provide direct and fast access, ensuring maximum line availability in case access is required," explains David Constroffer, Head of Project Management.

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17.-21. October 2023 Messe Friedrichshafen, Germany.


You will find FEDDEM at Fakuma 2023 in Hall A6, Stand 6217.


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