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The core of our expertise lies in co-rotating, intermeshing twin-screw extruders of the type FED-MT (MT = Multi Task). MT stands for the diversity of applications for which the extruder can be used and for fast changeovers from one product to another. We demand performance. Whether 40 kg or 4 tonnes per hour, FEDDEM lines for high-end or commodity products provide long service life, user-friendliness and efficiency.

With FEDDEM production lines, you achieve top product quality with respectable material throughput, and you can rely on the guaranteed properties of FEDDEM lines and our personal service whenever necessary.

Increasing pressure on order lead times, consistent finished-product quality, growing product diversity and global availability at competitive prices characterise the business environment of compounders. The key to meeting these challenges is flexible production. For this reason, FEDDEM has developed, in partnership with its sister company AKRO-PLASTIC, the standardised machine concept known as ICX® Technology (Innovative Compounding and Extrusion Technology). 

Screw Geometry for Gentle Processing

Excellent product quality can only be achieved when screw elements provide the energy input required for the particular processing task without causing the product to overheat. The FED-MT achieves this through the unique screw geometry in its melting and mixing elements. The product is allowed to remain long enough for the required amount of energy dissipation without temperature peaks occurring. The melting process and filler mixing can be carried out using screw elements with the same geometry, which means fewer spare parts need to be kept in stock.

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