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Power meets Elegance

Pultrusion Plant for Top Performance

Long Fibre Compounds Based on Engineering Plastics

Powerful Extrusion, Elegant Process

Do you want to produce long-fibre-reinforced thermoplastics more economically?

Especially for the production of lighter functional parts for automotive applications, sports and leisure and the construction industry as well as for safety and functional equipment, the new generation of FEDDEM FLF PT pultrusion lines offer enormous advantages over conventional LFT compounding lines.

The special FEDDEM method not only halves changeover times when threading new rovings but also ensures tight tolerances in glass fibre content in the produced pellets. With FEDDEM’s ICX® Technology and its application to FLF PT turnkey lines, you can produce long fibre compounds based on engineering plastics more economically, more gently and with greater flexibility.

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High-performance LFT Pultrusion Plant

Power Meets Elegance

The high-performance FEDDEM LFT pultrusion line was developed with the special requirements of processing high-quality engineering plastics in mind. The FEDDEM twin-screw extruder is fully enclosed for noise insulation and makes it easy to keep the extruder clean.

At the same time, the full shrouding reduces heat radiation from the extruder’s processing section, thus helping to improve the energy balance of the process. The impregnation technology applied here ensures an optimal bond between polymer and the filaments.

Depending on the formulation, the turnkey line achieves outstanding throughputs at take-off speeds of up to 60 m/min.

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German LFT masterclass

The Advantages at a Glance
  • Delivery as a turnkey plant with system responsibility
  • Space-saving installation of the line through parallel arrangement of the extruder and roving section – the design of the FEDDEM line components takes into account direct access to maintenance points
  • Fully automated control processes and overall easy operation
  • Consistently high quality paired with high throughputs
  • Narrow tolerances in glass content and best repeatability for repeat orders
  •  Uniform impregnation of the filaments even in the outer areas of the impregnation die
  • The modular design of the impregnation die in larger FLF-PT lines allows for reducing the number of strands by half with little effort. This enables the line to run at half the throughput rate for processing smaller orders or for producing samples of a new product.
  • FEDDEM LFT lines are prepared for quick changeover when roving spools must be replaced. This reduces idle times of the FLF-PT line and increases efficiency of the LFT production.
  • Expert technical support and consulting services are available
  • Remote maintenance assistance is available via the oculavis SHARE augmented reality system

Do you have questions about our LFT system?

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Metal Replacement With Engineering Plastics

The Importance of Long Fibre Technology

Long fibre thermoplastics, or LFTs for short, expand the range, in which metal components can increasingly be replaced by injection-moulded plastic parts. This is because LFT plastics offer several advantages over conventionally machined metal materials. An advantage over other long-fibre reinforced material: Components made from LFT compounds can be recycled, whereas fibre-reinforced thermoset materials (e.g. epoxy resin based LFT composites) cannot.

LFT plastics offer the following advantages over conventionally machined metal materials

  • More freedom in part design
  • No corrosion of the part – better resistance to chemical influences than metal
  • Savings in weight
  • Cost reduction by eliminating machining steps

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Portfolio of FEDDEM LFT Lines

Currently, we offer two line sizes, which we can modify according to your requirements:

  • FEDDEM  FLF 600 PT
  • FEDDEM  FLF 300 PT

600/300 = indicates the nominal width of the strand area of the respective line in mm.

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LFT Pultrusion Line

Made in Rhineland


FEDDEM extruders are exclusively built in Sinzig, Rhineland-Palatinate. The line components we employ also come from German or European sources. All components are optimally matched to each other. They are compact and appealing in design. The plant components have been optimised for flexibility and were designed with maintenance access to the installed components in mind. The FEDDEM-LFT plant is equipped with an industry-4.0-compatible control system. Upon customer request, all relevant production parameters can be supplied to the customer’s production planning system.

German LFT Masterclass – Powerful Extrusion, Elegant Process

Additional Information

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