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We provide comprehensive technical support throughout all your plant engineering phases, including design, CAD/CAE, machine building and also provide functional interfaces to all other machines and equipment. We make production lines tailored to your needs and install turnkey systems on-site. Our pilot plant is available to you for application consulting and testing.

As part of our custom order processing, we guarantee short response times, fast service for repairs and worn parts as well as wear measurements of barrels and screw elements. Besides our flexible spare parts service, we support you with our on-site customer service at any time. Our aim is to offer customised solutions and process engineering advice.

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Services and test centre

Test Our Extruder or Try a New Formulation

In our Technical Centre, you can perform tests on the wearproof co-rotating twin-screw extruder FED 43 or 52 MTS. The processing length can be extended from 32 L/D to 42 L/D and 52 L/D. Tasks such as blending, filling and reinforcing can be performed to produce everything from standard or technical plastics through to high-performance plastics. For this, the system includes up to thirteen metering feeders, three side extruders, vacuum degassing, strand and underwater pelletising, a classification screen, a spiral conveyor, suction conveying, a bagging machine with scales and many other items. The compounding lines are also available to masterbatch manufacturers to test extrusion starting from premix.

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