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Convince yourself of the superior quality offered by the original – “Multi Task” process units with short, flexible design (barrel segment length L/D = 3.55) and kneading block-free screw geometry with special FEDDEM mixing elements (FME) lead to outstanding results in all compounding processes.

By using special mixing elements and avoiding the use of kneading blocks as far as possible, we prevent temperature peaks in the process section when melting the polymer and when incorporating and homogenising fillers and reinforcing materials.

This unique kneading block-free process ensures a much more gentle treatment of the compound over the entire process length than is possible with conventional kneading block screw geometries, thanks to a significant reduction in shear stress.

Due to the lower specific energy input, the compounder wards off temperature peaks and yields a constant, outstanding product quality of your plastics.

Disclaimer: All specifications and information given on this website are based on our current knowledge and experience. A legally binding promise of certain characteristics or suitability for a concrete individual case cannot be derived from this information. The information supplied here is not intended to release processors and users from the responsibility of carrying out their own tests and inspections in each concrete individual case.

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