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Dual Cleaning Brush

The principle of the FEDDEM dual brush assembly for cleaning has now proven itself in installations throughout Europe. The two brushes are driven centrally via a distribution gearbox and can be inserted into the figure-8-bore of the twin-screw extruder at operating temperature after the screws have been removed. This considerably reduces cooling and heating times of the extruder and minimises the downtime of the line during product changes. The distribution gear and the diameter of the brushes are matched to the centre-line distance and diameter of the figure-8-bore of the target extruder. Our dual brushes are currently available for extruder sizes from 48 to 87 mm.

The second generation of the FEDDEM cleaning brush impresses with significant weight savings. The brushes are now driven by a battery-powered motor that drives the distribution gearing via a shaft. In addition to the elimination of the power supply cable, the weight of the unit has been reduced considerably. Thus, a unit for the figure-8-bore of a 72 mm extruder with 32 L/D processing length weighs less than 10 kg. Due to the special design of the unit, any torque shocks (e.g. caused by a blocking brush) are already introduced into the processing section of the extruder by the distribution gearbox and do not reach the operator of the unit. If the unit is handled in accordance with the operating instructions, injuries caused by torque shocks when cleaning extruder housings are a thing of the past.

Older FEDDEM cleaning brushes can be converted to battery operation.

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